Healthcare Network 

If your workers’ compensation policy was written with the network option, health care services for injured employees will be through the Texas CorCare® Network. The following requirements need to be completed.

  • Acknowledgement Form– Employees need to sign this form showing that they have received notice. There must be a standardized process for delivering the notice of network requirements and the acknowledgement forms. Document when it was delivered, method of delivery, and keep the signed acknowledgement forms.
  • Jobsite Network Requirements– The network requirements needs to be posted at each place of employment. An English and Spanish version is provided.

Please feel free to contact Teresa Pacheco at (512) 421-2608 or email

Texas CorCare® Network 

Network Forms:

Texas CorCare Employee Acknowledgement- English

Texas CorCare Employee Acknowledgement- Spanish

Texas CorCare Network Requirements- English

Texas CorCare Network Requirements- Spanish

Texas CorCare- Texas County Map

Texas CorCare- FAQs

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