Class Codes 

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Texas Class Codes Brochure

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Texas Class Codes Class Descriptions
7219; 7230Trucking: Containerized Cargo, Box Trailers; Sand & Gravel Haulers; Mail Delivery by Contractors
9079Restaurants- Fast Food and Casual Dining
3724; 5190Millwright Work; Electrical Apparatus Installation; Electricians
8387; 8391Automotive Lube; Repair Shops
5183; 8107HVAC- Heating and Cooling; Plumbers; Supply Dealers
5200Concrete or Cement Work- Floors, Driveway
8832; 8833Medical Centers- Hospitals; Surgical Facilities; Medical
8350Propane Dealers and Drivers
3066; 5538Metal Goods Manufacturing; Sheet Metal Work- Shop & Outside
6219Clearing and Grading of Land
0042; 9014Landscaping; Lawn Maintenance
3111Pipe Cutting and Welding
8017; 8018Retail Stores; Wholesale Stores
8234Building Material Dealers
9402Garbage Collection, Refuse or Septic Services
5437Carpentry- Interior; Drywall Installation
6216; 8107Oil or Gas Lease Work; Oil or Gas Well Equipment Rental
3632Machine Shop
2881Furniture Manufacturing or Assembly- Wood/Cabinets

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